FRESH OILER is a cooling, lubricating and sanitizing spray.

The only recommended spray for the care of your Panasonic blades.

This spray must be used after every 4 to 5 customers for the optimum lubrication of the blade.

Non-aggressive formula.
Instant cooling effect to meet the needs of the new cutting techniques. 
Simplify the lubrication of your Panasonic blades.
Prolong the lifetime of your blades, and therefore your clipper. 
Available only at your professional Panasonic distributor.  


Tema is the official distributor of Panasonic professional clippers in France.

Panasonic professional clippers are covered by the:

* legal guarantee of compliance

* legal guarantee of hidden defects

* 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Professional clippers for professional use are covered by a 2-year guarantee on parts and labor (excluding clipper blades).

Keep your purchase invoice. This document is required to benefit from the guarantee.

For your information:

Clipper blades (which are subject to normal wear and tear) are not included in the guarantee. Depending on use, it is imperative that you oil your clipper blade several times a day and clean the blade every day to guarantee the optimal lifespan of your clipper. Please read the included maintenance instructions carefully.

For more information, write to use at