The New Cutting Hair Clipper
The hair clipper also has a new slim, lightweight design with an easy-to-use shape and high-grade feel, features that provide professionals with a new dimension of performance and convenience.
  • Light enough for ladies: The lighter weight makes it easier even for female hairstylists to use various cutting techniques as desired.
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Use: As well as making it slim and light, the focus was on making it easy to hold. The smooth, curving, easy-to-handle body and features such as the rubber grip to prevent slipping are all designed to satisfy professional needs.
  • Quick Adjustable Dial for Easy Length Setting: Turning the T dial enables adjustment of cutting length from 0.8 to 2.0 cm in 0.3 mm steps. This eliminates the need for troublesome changing of attachments and enables length adjustment with one hand while working.
icon Specifications
New linear motor drive with constant control
Height adjustment control dial
X-taper, DLC coating moving blade
Titanium coating fixed blade
Six cutting length with three comb attachments
Charge status lamp
With convenient charging stand
Cord / Cordless operation
Lithium ion Battery
Comb cutting
Finger cutting
Comb finger cutting
Long strokes
Side taper cutting
Cross cutting
Chop cutting
Twist cutting
Close cutting


The first manufacturer to incorporate a linear motor
on a clipper